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Diego Saravia dsa at unsa.edu.ar
Mon Jan 30 23:57:59 ART 2017

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De: Diego Saravia <dsa at unsa.edu.ar>
Fecha: 30 de enero de 2017, 23:56
Asunto: Re: Linux de-blob
Para: David Hedlund <public at beloved.name>

I downloaded the last libre kernel from their site and compiled it.

I completly erase the propietery kernel/modules/firmware and installed the
free one, in the system and in the initrd

Is that enough?

what are the linuxlibre tools?

2017-01-30 21:07 GMT-03:00 David Hedlund <public at beloved.name>:

> Is Linux-Libre or just Linux-Libre tools used to build the kernel for
> Ututo?

Diego Saravia
Diego.Saravia at gmail.com
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